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I'll Have the Blog Special with Extra Sauce

How to Save the World: Work-Arounds for Blogging's Limitations.  Spotted-onward by Nancy White, this 2004-03-27 entry by Dave Pollard touches on blogging as distraction and then segues into what it would take to make blogging more effective:
  • accessibility to novices
  • easy audience/community connection
  • seamless transition and co-integration with reading, commenting, e-mail, messaging, telephony, audio, video, wikis, other tools along-side/together
I think I have the answer on what keeps me from switching to audio and face-to-face though. I'd have to dedicate my attention to listening, and that is not what happens when I am blogging or reacting, even typing here at a web page that has David Weinberger's great smile in front of me.  Now, I am of a generation where habitual use of the telephone and especially long-distance calling was not ordinary.  But I don't think that is it.  It is about how jealous I am of my attention.  I wonder what that is hiding?

Meanwhile, Nancy White has a great list of related questions about the utility of the blog as an instrument of social computing, building on Mike Gotta's analysis.

OK, this interests me.
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