The Miser Project

Construction Zone


2004-09-01 -09:23 -0700

This construction zone is part of the basic scaffolding for organizing and populating content of the Miser Project /astraendo/pn section.  The challenge for this zone is the presence of a blog in the same section, and the blog can be modified on the host site as well as the development site.  Coordinated use, maintenance, and synchronization become interesting challenges for the construction practices.

Change History

2004-09-01-09:08 Create /astraendo/pn Section (orcmid)
I had been using the construction zone at the Astraendo level for managing a job jar for here.  In celebration of actually checking off that complete job jar (for now), I am moving all of the Numbering Peano material to this construction zone and continuing here.  There is to be no further change history on this page.  All further changes will be accounted for in the Diary & Job Jar.

Hard Hat Area


You are navigating a Miser Project construction structure.

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